Underwhelmed by 221b Baker Street

Being a fan of the Sherlock TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch I was excited at the thoughts of going to the fictitious home of detective Sherlock Holmes at 221b Baker Street in London. I wasn’t quite sure though what to expect and was a little underwhelmed by the whole experience which lasted no more than 15 minutes. I suppose it is what it is and if you’re a fan of the Sir Arthur Conan Dolye books then it’s one for you tick off your bucket list.  I had never actually read the books so maybe I didn’t get the full experience as I should have.

It’s easy enough to find first of all, out of the tube station and take a right and just a short walk to the attraction. It is housed, as you’d expect, in quite a tall Victorian-looking building amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy Baker Street in the heart of the City of Westminster. The first thing to do was to take a selfie but I couldn’t quite get the angle right so a very nice member of staff offered to take the picture for me. A good start!

Outside the world famous 221b Baker Street, London - home of Sherlock Holmes.
Outside the world famous 221b Baker Street, London – home of Sherlock Holmes.

I paid the entrance fee (STG£15) and started the tour by heading up the small staircase to the first floor.  There were a number of other tourists on the day that i was there so there was a bit of standing back to let others pass by and then waiting outside the small rooms so that others would leave and make room for more visitors. The first thing I noticed was that all the rooms were quite small bar one or two. While they were crammed with great looking artefacts and exhibits it was impossible to give too much time to take a look at everything as there was always somebody else coming in making the room even more cramped.

Sherlock's chair with his hat and magnifying glass
Sherlock’s chair with his hat and magnifying glass
One of the many character and costume displays within the exhibition
One of the many character and costume displays within the exhibition

It was great to see some staff dressed in character and ready to answer any questions that visitors might have and I suppose if you were a big fan of the books, you would undoubtedly be impressed by the level of detail in each room.  This, in fairness, was very impressive and without doubt, being in the attraction and immersing yourself in the house would definitely give you the feeling of what it was like to live in old time London!

Sherlock Smyth at your service....
Sherlock Smyth at your service….

There was a bit of a nerd moment when I got to try on the hat and use the magnifying glass!

All in all the attraction was ok. I don’t think it’s worth the STG£15 admission fee – maybe like £8 or £9. On exit you can buy a number of souvenirs including some of the books. It did make me want to read the books so I guess that was one result from my visit!

Here’s some more images from my visit which happened in November 2014.

Check out the Sherlock Holmes museum website here and find them on Facebook here

Sherlock's bed
Sherlock’s bed

IMG_1571 IMG_1585

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